RP 2013

The paper: “MaRDiGraS: Simplified Building of Reachability Graphs on Large Clusters” has been accepted for presentation and for the LNCS proceedings of Reachability Problems 2013.http://www.it.uu.se/conf/RP2013/

Here some pics of my journey to Uppsala and Stockholm, Sweden

IMG_20130926_174728 IMG_20130927_130908 IMG_20130927_130926 IMG_20130927_150759 IMG_20130927_152440 IMG_20130928_123952IMG_20130928_121755 IMG_20130927_150333 IMG_20130925_133514 IMG_20130928_125310



I’m involved in a new project of the software engineering lab at the University of Milan.
Mardigras: MApReduce-based DIstributed building of reachability GraphS.